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Information About ITT Industries Night Vision

ITT Industries Night Vision provides image intensifier tubes and systems to many allied and friendly nations. Having won 100 percent of the U.S. Army's OMNIBUS VI contract for aviation systems and 60 percent (the maximum allowable portion) of its OMNI VI ground-systems contract, ITT clearly is the leading trusted supplier of night vision devices to the U.S. military, which sets the worldwide standard for night fighting.

Considered a critical U.S. military technology, Generation (Gen) 3 image intensifier technology may be exported only with the permission of the U.S. Department of State. An export license typically is granted to government agencies that have a legitimate end use for high-performance night vision equipment. As a service to our valued customers, ITT assumes responsibility for applying for each export license. The license application and approval process typically takes 90 days--from the time we receive and submit all required documentation from the customer until we receive the export license.

International Presence

Over the past decade, ITT has significantly increased its presence in the worldwide night vision industry, winning the two largest-ever international night vision contracts: $26 Million (U.S.) from Switzerland and $80 Million (U.S.) from Australia. By maintaining strong relationships with our customers and our industry partners, we have the flexibility to offer customized as well as off-the-shelf solutions for every night vision requirement.

These relationships also include our network of dealers and representatives that are positioned around the world in order to address more efficiently our customers' regional requirements.


Massachusetts-based K and M Electronics, acquired by ITT Industries as a subsidiary in 1999, is now a part of our Night Vision Division. K and M has been a key supplier of power supplies to ITT for more than 20 years. Its expertise in the development and manufacture of miniaturized high-voltage power supplies, channel electron multipliers and other high-quality electronic components for military and commercial applications complements our night vision business.

In 2002, we also acquired Xybion Electronic Systems (XES). Based in San Diego, Calif., Xybion is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of intensified imaging systems and complimentary digital and metal-oxide semiconductor cameras. This camera expertise significantly expands ITT's imaging capabilities and better enables us to meet the demands of the digital battlefield.

We pride ourselves in providing innovative night vision solutions for all military and law enforcement operations, no matter what or where the critical mission may be.