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Specialty Products


Camera Systems


CCD Series

  • Non-intensified NIR low-light-level imaging
  • "C"-mount Lens Interface
  • Low Power Consumption

IRO Series

  • Add-on intensifier for analog or digital CCD or CMOS cameras
  • IRO adapts to any one inch format "C"-mount lens
  • Auto-gating and auto-gain for increased dynamic range and nine decades of light control for increased tube life and light control

ISA Series

  • Ruggedized, image intensified gated CCD camera
  • Faceplate sensitivity of 1 x 10-8 foot-candles
  • Exceptional dynamic range -- ideal for low-light-level surveillance

ISG Series

  • Image Intensified gated CCD camera
  • Five modes of gate control enable motion analysis and allow triggered imaging to an event

ISS Series

  • Non-gated image intensified CCD Camera
  • faceplate sensitivity of 1 x 10-8 foot-candles
  • Exceptional low light performance - ideal for low-light-level imaging

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