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  • Set with various objective lens filter options and for various helmet configurations
  • Class A,B,C and UK 645 Minus blue objective lens filters available to suit all types of cockpit lighting
  • Flip-up/flip-down capability


  • Offers the popular Aviator's Night Vision Imaging System (ANVIS).
  • Clip-On power source allows use without helmet and is adaptable to SPH-4B, HGU-56P, and Alpha aviator helmets.

Ground Systems


  • Variable gain control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions
  • Hand-held, helment-mountable, weapon-mountable


  • Combines benefits of AN/PVS-7D and AN/AVS-6 ANVIS
  • Employs either its internal battery source or
    an external battery pack
  • Contains a selectable (spot/flood) IR illuminator


  • For weapon aiming, observation, and target acquisition
  • 4X and 6X night vision weaponsights

Modular Day/Night Weaponsight

  • Day or Night - one weapon, one scope!
  • Easily manipulated turret knobs for windage and elevation


  • Lightweight
  • Helmet-mounted or head-mounted for hands-free operation

Image Intensifier Tubes

Image Intensifier Tube 18mm F9800

  • Tube for ANVIS goggles, F5050, F7000, and the F6010 pocketscope.
  • Photoresponse from 1200 to 1800 micro-amps per lumen
  • Resolution from 57 to 64 line pairs per millimeter

Image Intensifier Tube 18mm F9815

  • Tube for AN/PVS-14 Monocular Night Vision Device.
  • 6 - Micron-channel spacing
  • 1250 and 1600 FOM Thresholds

ITT Wins ENVG Contract

ITT Industries Night Vision is awarded contract for Enhanced Night Vision Goggles from the US Army.

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