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Grants Help Law Enforcement Agencies and Fire Departments Fund Equipment Purchases

Grants are a great source of money to buy equipment that is needed, but often unavailable to departments because of tight budgets and other priorities. The grants do take some effort to research, locate, request, and administer. But the benefits are well worth the effort to departments that take advantage of the offers.

We're helping with part of that effort. We know that night vision equipment is a force multiplier enabling officers and firefighters to do their jobs more effectively, with less manpower, and with a degree of safety that would not otherwise be available to them.

While the majority of grants are not specifically for equipment, these grants have been identified as ones in which night vision equipment could be used to accomplish the ultimate goals of your program. Additionally, we invite you to contact Margaret Stark at , (fax), (cell), or by email . Margaret encourages any department that is considering these (or any other grants for night vision equipment) to contact her for ideas and assistance. She is available to discuss particular areas of concern and to help customize a grant writing strategy.

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