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There are many exciting stories about how night vision has helped in a variety of situations - from the ability of a law enforcement officer to covertly observe and ultimately apprehend a criminal to the ability of a search and rescue unit to continue searches for missing persons during the night time hours. Learn how night vision is being used and see what it could do to enhance your effectiveness during night operations, your personal security, and/or your outdoor adventures.

Sigurdur Asgeirsson, Iceland Coast Guard

"On the evening of December 31, 2002 we received a distress signal from a Norwegian freighter, shipping herring in the form of barrels. The accident most likely occurred due to a shift in the ship's cargo which was caused by collapsed barrels, and subsequent capsizing of the vessel. Conditions were partly cloudy with easterly winds blowing at 40 knots."

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Officer Marc Chandler, Roanoke VA Police Department

"ITT night vision plays a vital role in Homeland Defense. Rest assured, we're armed with critical technology."

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Sergeant Mark Vaught, Vinton Police Department

"Thanks to the ITT night vision goggles, our officer in this case was prepared to deal with the suspect even though it was very dark. That kind of preparation is priceless."

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Officer Jason Ragland, Colorado Police Officer

"As far as officer safety is concerned, ITT night vision goggles are invaluable. Once you use them, you'll understand."

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Officer Brad Hazelett, St. Paul Police Department-Minnesota

Although I am a police officer with the Saint Paul, MN Police Department, my story dates back to when I was in the Marine Corps in Desert Storm. I was 19 years old serving with an infantry company within the 2nd Marine Division. We had been in Saudi Arabia for only 3 days and on the third day we left the safety of a major military base and departed for the Kuwaiti border. I was a fire team leader on an observation post 1,000 meters in front of the company lines. It was getting dark as we lay in a shallow depression overlooking a vast expanse of open, rolling desert. I took the first 2 hour watch and told my Marines to get some sleep. Well into my shift, I could hear the sounds of heavy diesel engines way off in the distance. I scanned the horizon with a pair of Steiner binoculars as there was still some ambient light shortly after sunset but could see nothing.

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